Custom Robots Header Tags Settings in Blogger


Custom robots Header Tags settings in blogger

Today I will teach you about Custom Robots Header Tags Settings in Blogger. A new blogger always tries to find every authentic technique by which he may increase his website traffic. So if you do the settings which I am going to tell you in this article then hopefully your website will get a huge amount of organic traffic for sure.

It’s better to understand the basics of custom robots header tags first, then we will proceed to the settings.

Robots.txt file

A text document in which you give the instructions to Search engine bots that what kind of data they can fetch and crawl to index. You may block some of your website links and pages to index in Google or any other search engine using robots.txt.

Now you also must know about Custom robots Header Tags, read below carefully.

Read about Meta Tags.

Importance of Custom robots header tags

By doing Custom robots header tags settings in Blogger, you can control the search engine’s bots. You can make your website well optimized by doing the settings I have taught you below in this post.


Custom robots header tags give updates to the search engine bots about the new data that you publish on your website. Using these settings you can increase the organic traffic for your website, but if you make any mistakes in the settings then you may lose the organic traffic as well.

Custom Robots Header Tags 

Now we try to understand about 10 custom robots header tags that are available in blogger.

1. All Tag

This tag is responsible to take the search engine crawlers to your website and let them tell about your unique content. So if you enable it, then search engine crawlers will crawl and index everything that is available on your website.

2. Noindex Tag

This is a special tag for those bloggers who create their blogs for personal use, they don’t want to share their blog with anyone else, so they enable this tag so that Their blog should not be indexed in search engines.

3. Nofollow Tags

Every blogger knows about Dofollow and Nofollow links, so you can get the idea about this tag by its name, it makes all the outbound links that you use in your posts Nofollow.

4. None Tag

This tag blocks the outbound links from search engine crawlers and does not let them recognize the outbound links used in your posts.

5. noarchive Tags

Cache permission is granted to the crawlers by this tag. The cache contains the recently used data of your website pages.

6. nosnippet Tags

When searching anything in search engines, it shows you a snippet in search results. By enabling this tag you can also make your post to be displayed as a snippet.

7. noodp:

When we enable this tag, we block our website from open directory projects.

8. notranslate:

We can disallow the search engines from translating our website posts into another language. I think we should not enable this tag as many users like to read the data in their own language.

9. noimageindex:

If you enable this tag then the images on your blog will be blocked to index in search engines. I hope you will not want to block your post images from search engines as they play a vital role to get a handsome amount of traffic on your blog.

10. unavailable_after:

This tag is used to make your blog unavailable after a specific period of time.

Custom robots header tags settings in Blogger

Step1: You must have to log in to your blogger profile and select the blog in which you want to make the setting.

Step2:  Now you will see a “settings” option on the left sidebar of your blogger dashboard, click on it.  You need to scroll down and find the “Crawlers and indexing” option, after this you enable Custom robot header tags as shown in the below image and save it.

Custom robots Header Tags settings in blogger
Custom robots Header Tags settings in blogger


Step3: After saving the above settings, multiple tags will appear.

Setup Home page header tags

step1: You should click on homepage header tags first.

step2: You should enable “All” here.

step3: Now just save it.

Custom robots Header Tags settings in blogger

Setup Archive and Search page header tags on blogger 


Step1: Now you must click on the archive and search tags.

step 2: in this portion, just Enable noindex tag.

Step3: save the changes here.

Custom robots Header Tags settings in blogger

Post and Page header tags Explain 

step1: in the last part of this setting, you should click on post and page header tags.

step2: select “all” button option here.

step3: just save it to make these settings complete.

Custom robots Header Tags settings in blogger


I have provided you the latest information about Custom robots Header Tags settings in blogger. By applying these steps, you can get more and more organic traffic by which you can earn a handsome amount of money as a reward.

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