How to Add Facebook Popup Like Box for Blogger


Facebook popup like box for blogger

We all know about Facebook and spend a lot of time using it on daily basis. Some of us already use Facebook popup like box for blogger for money-making purposes. Facebook has helped many people to become millionaires in no time. So today we will learn about a technique through which we will also increase our followers and fans on the Facebook page.

So, if you have a Facebook page and you want to boost its likes, then you must have to use a Facebook popup like box for bloggers. We will use a programming code for this task. As I already told you in this post earlier that millions of people use Facebook daily and this pop-up box can help us to increase our fans and can boost our website traffic on daily basis.

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we have to keep one thing in mind that as many followers you have on your Facebook page, you can boost your website CTR that much, and this will help you to make more money just by using a Facebook widget on your blog.

How can you Add a Facebook popup like box for blogger

If you are thinking that this task is gonna very difficult for you then let me tell you that you don’t need to worry about it, this work is based on very simple steps. You will not have to write any complex code in the blogger theme, this task can be done easily by copy-pasting the codes.

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Importance of Facebook popup like box for blogger

This widget can be a very helpful and powerful way to boost your Facebook fan page likes. If you are running a blog in which you publish new content regularly then your Facebook page may give you more traffic on your website and your revenue will increase.

Step 1: You just log in to your Blogger Profile

Step 2”: Now go to Layout

Step 3: Click on Gadget

Step 4: Now choose HTML/ JavaScript here

Step 5: Copy the code given below and paste it in the HTML box.


 Step 6: Now you only need to save it.

Customize it for your Facebook Page

After saving the HTML code you need to find the Facebook page address and modify it with your own Facebook page address.

When a user visits your website, he will see a Facebook popup like box for blogger right after 5 seconds, you can change this interval by modifying the code given below.

If you don’t want that this widget should appear every time for your regular visitors by default, then you need to remove this code given below and this widget will appear automatically on your website every time.

You can also modify this widget to display it only on your homepage, for this purpose

You need to go to the Theme option and click on Edit HTML

Then find the code given below by pressing CTRL + F.

Now enter the code given below just above the body tag.

Now save the code to complete the changes.

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I have given you the best way to increase your blog CTR by only adding a Facebook popup like box for blogger. I hope you have already seen it that Many bloggers use this method on their blogs to get more attention by their blog visitors.

This method converts a random visitor into a regular visitor because he may get a notification on Facebook about your newly published post, and he might be interested in that article and may come to your blog to read the article completely. 

This method puts a very good impact that a visitor stays on your website for a couple of minutes. I hope you will like the method I taught you and will try to implement a Facebook popup like box for blogger too.

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