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how to add Meta Tags in Blogger Post

Meta Tags of Blogger in the form of Meta description which must contain Meta Keywords are shown as Snippet in Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. So today I will tell you, How to add Meta Tags in Blogger post Descriptions and Keywords with the correct method.

Here is another important fact you must know that Search engines create snippets from the very first paragraph of your post if you don’t add Meta tags in your articles manually. Google creates 150 characters long snippet of your post.

Why we add Meta Description

We are doing this practice so that search engines get a better understanding of our content and rank our posts on top of the first page, so that huge numbers of users come to our website.

The Algorithm of the search engine first reads your Meta Description and makes your post’s snippet which is made from Meta tags to show the most relevant results to users.

I have an example to describe my words in a better way, I have searched the word “Bing” in Google, and you can see the following snippet as a result. Here you can clearly see that the keyword you searched is in bold form. Google has automatically read your query and give you the best relevant result. The paragraph shown in the image is the Meta description of’s Home Page.

how to add Meta Tags in Blogger Post

The real fact is that Google says that its algorithm doesn’t include your meta tags to rank your post at the top position, but still some experts recommend you to use Meta Tags in your posts because it gives a better understanding of your article to users.

How to add Meta Tags in Blogger Post

If you are a new user to blogger, you won’t find any option to add Meta tags in your post as you can see in the image below. In this case, I have already told you that Google will make your snippet from your article’s first paragraph.

You have to perform the following steps to Add Meta Tags in your Posts..

Step 1: Click on settings from your dashboard.

how to add Meta Tags in Blogger Post

Step 2: Go to a search preference

Step 3: You must have to Enable search description under Meta tags, then Select ‘yes’ from the checkboxes.

how to add Meta Tags in Blogger Post

Step 4: Here you can finally add a Meta Description of your Blogger Home Page.

So, it means here The Meta tags you will enter will be the Meta tags of your main page, and if you want to Add Meta tags in every single post, then you have to enable search description, by doing this you will be able to add Meta tags for your every Blogger page and post. You can see the image below.

how to add Meta Tags in Blogger Post

This is it, you have done it, now you can say that your blogger’s on-page SEO has been done.



Yes, I know some people will say that Google clearly says that it does not use Meta Tags in ranking factors; but let me inform them that Google doesn’t completely ignore Meta tags too. By adding Meta tags in your post gives a better idea to search engines to understand your content and list it to the searches to provide the best possible results to users.

When you will add Meta tags in Blogger posts, you will notice that the CTR of your blog will be increased. So by this practice, you can increase your website’s traffic and boost your income as well.

I have given my 100% effort to describe that how to add Meta Tags in Blogger Post, but if you are still having any issues, tell me your problem, I will try to solve it.

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