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How to Get First Order in Fiverr

The most common question asked by freelancers is How to Get First Order in Fiverr. Nowadays competition is very high, this is why most of the people who want to work on Fiverr, create their profiles on Fiverr and wait for a few days but they don’t get any orders from clients.

Today in this post, I will tell you the professional tips to get your first order on Fiverr. You just have to follow my steps to become a successful freelancer and start making money to be a billionaire.

Tips and Tricks for How to Get First Order in Fiverr

Complete Your Fiverr Profile

The basic thing on Fiverr is that you have to put your all details to complete your profile. So that when a client visits your profile, he will know about you and your skills in which you are an expert and can do basic and advanced tasks for them.

The most important things required in your profile are given below.

The description on Your Fiverr Profile

In the description portion, you should enter your expertise and experience. You can also tell the clients about your educational background.


In this portion, a detailed paragraph should be written about your skills, so that audience must be aware that what you can do for them.

Education and certification

You can add your academic and skills-related certificates here.

You must stay Online to get your First order in Fiverr

Fiverr offers a filter on its website, where users can enable it to see only online sellers about their required service. This is why if you are willing to get your first order on Fiverr then you must have to stay online on Fiverr.

Fiverr has a mobile App, so you should use that app to stay active every time, by doing this chances increases to get the first order in Fiverr.

If you don’t have a smartphone, you can stay active on your laptop, just open your Fiverr profile and refresh it after every 10 minutes.

Complete Free Training

Fiverr offers many courses to you; you should complete these courses to become a successful man on Fiverr. Of course, all courses are not free, but you can do a free course too on Fiverr. By doing this, Fiverr will give you a badge, which expresses your skill level to clients.


Optimize gig

You should take a look at others gigs related to your niche to get a better idea to make a professional gig. After reviewing some gigs, you will be able to create a unique and attractive gig. Here I want to tell you that don’t try to copy others' data at all, otherwise, Fiverr will ban your account.

Try to adjust your keyword in your gig, you can add your keyword three times, you should use it in a professional way and avoid writing it too many times. You should also add three images about your gig, thumbnails must be attractive but not clickbait.

You should also add a video about your skills.

Create All 7 Gigs

Fiverr allows only 7 gigs for a new seller, so you must create all gigs so that your chances should increase to get your first order in Fiverr. Remember that you cant create all 7 gigs the same, your gigs should be different from each other in a single skill portion.

Complete Skill Test

You should also participate in skills tests held by Fiverr itself, by doing this Fiverr will show your earned score on your profile, by which clients get the know-how about your skill level.

Send Buyer Request

Now it's the best time to forget about the question How to get First Order in Fiverr because I am gonna tell you the most accurate way by which you will get your first order for sure. Fiverr displays buyer requests to you, there is a huge chance to get an order by sending your offer to clients, they may respond to you and can give you an order if you satisfy them with your skill.

Use Social media

if you are still asking that  How to get First Order in Fiverr, so as a new seller, you should also share your gigs on social media platforms, you must join groups related to your skills and tell them about your expertise. You can also get your first order in Fiverr by sharing your profile on social media.

Create Portfolio

You will find on Fiverr that all the top-rated sellers have their portfolio, so you should also create a portfolio to impress clients with your quality work. When someone orders you for a task, he may ask you to show your portfolio, so build a good portfolio and forget about How to get first order in Fiverr.

Find Low Competition Category

As I told you, there is high competition on Fiverr in some categories, so you must find low competition keywords for your gigs so that your gig appears on the first page so that you can get your first order in Fiverr easily.


I have told you every single tip which is used by all the successful freelancers and now I hope you won't ask anyone that how to get first order in Fiverr, because now you are completely aware that which techniques are used to get your first order in Fiverr. Enjoy

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