Top 5 Best Google Adsense Alternatives


Google Adsense Alternatives

In this post, I will tell you the best Google Adsense Alternatives, which you can use to generate revenue from your website.

First, let me tell you that Adsense is far better than all other advertising networks, there is no comparison of it.

So if you are still looking for another advertising network to monetize your website, you will find too many networks.

I have found the Top 5 Google Adsense alternatives, which you can use to earn money from your website.

List of Google Adsense Alternatives

The most popular Google AdSense alternatives network is Here I will like to tell you that as you know, Adsense is Google’s product, same as this is Yahoo/Bing’s Product. It works almost the same as Adsense as it shows the ads relevant to content published on your website. This network gives you the facility to show both text and display ads on your site.

You can also create your custom ads as well as it offers you to let it decide what’s best for you.

This is the only ad network that is very close to Adsense, I will recommend you to use this network.

You can withdraw your money when you earn at least 100$ from this network.


Another Google Adsense Alternatives is Taboola which is a clickbait ad network that displays ads next to your posts relevant to your content. I know it's very hard for someone to display clickbait ads on their website.

If you are getting a huge amount of traffic on your website, this ad network can be very profitable for you to earn money as you know people do visit on clickbait images.

Amazon Associates / Native Shopping Ads

Amazon can also be used as Google Adsense Alternatives which offers its own affiliate network, from which you can generate handsome income.

Many people think that they can earn money from Amazon’s affiliate links but let me tell you that it also offers to display Native Shopping Ads on your blog.

You can display Native Shopping Ads relevant to your posts on the website. When a visitor of your website clicks that link and purchase anything, you will get your commission.

Here the important thing is that you can earn money from it only when someone purchases things from your link, you won’t get paid if someone only clicks on your link and closes the tab without buying.

You can withdraw at least 10$ from Amazon.

Propeller Ads

You can use Propeller Ads as Google Adsense Alternatives to monetize your website. It offers a variety of different ads which may include some aggressive ads which you may not like or prefer to display on your website.

Ad Types:

  • Contextual ads relevant to your website content.
  • Links Ad

PropellerAds also offers you…

Pop-Up ads

Interstitials Ads which you can display before or after specific pages on your website

The minimum amount, you can withdraw is 5$ on Propeller Ads.


Infolinks also offers you monetize your website with different kinds of ads:

  • InText – It turns your specific text word into an Ad. When someone hovers on that word, it shows an Ad relevant to that Text Word.
  • InFold – Notification type ad that sticks to the bottom of user’s device’s screen.
  • InScreen – Ads that popup between posts on your website.
  • InTag – Contextual ads relevant to text on your web page.
  • InFrame – You can also display vertical ads on sidebars of your site.

You can withdraw at least 50$ from Infolinks.


I have told you The Top 5 Best Possible Google Adsense Alternatives and if you ask me to choose one of these ad networks, I will probably choose but now it’s your turn to decide what’s the best Ad network that suits you and you will like to display it on your website. 

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