What are the Google AdSense Requirements for Website or Blogger


Google Adsense requirements for website or blogger

When someone runs a website, after a few months a common question he asks is what are the Google Adsense requirements for website or blogger. Every blogger starts blogging to make money online. The best way to earn money online is to get approved by Google AdSense, but it's not simple and easy at all.

I have searched and discussed with some expert bloggers who are generating handsome money what is the criteria for Adsense approval, here in this post I will share their experience and thoughts.

What are Google AdSense Requirements for Website or Blogger?

Every blogger starts blogging keeping in mind that their final goal is to get monetized by Adsense, but everyone cant do this due to strict policies. You should read and implement the following Google AdSense requirements for website or blogger.

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1) Domain selection

Blogging is professional work, if you are willing to start a new blog, you have to purchase a top-level domain like .com or .net. it shows how much you are interested and professional in blogging.

2) Theme Selection For Your Website

Theme selection is the most important factor for google Adsense requirements for website that makes your website professional. The theme you choose for your new blog must be clean and easy to navigate.

The best way to manage your navigation is to put only mandatory pages and category links, you must not enter affiliate marketing links in it.

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3)  Minimum posts required for Google Adsense Approval

When we talk about a number of posts as google Adsense requirements for website or a new blog, it must be at least 30. Now we discuss the length of words in an individual post. Few people say that it must be at least 1000 words long, but I believe that 600 words are enough to write a good and meaningful article instead of adding unnecessary words in it. The main purpose of an article is to help humans, not search engines. If a problem can be solved in less than 1000 words then adding unnecessary words won't make that article helpful.

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4) Your Domain must be old

Few bloggers purchase a top-level domain and after writing a couple of articles in it, they don’t wait and apply for Adsense in their first or second week. It's not a good approach. Before applying for Adsense, keep in mind that Your domain must be at least 2 months old.

5) Content Must be Unique

The major thing for google Adsense requirements for website is that the content you publish on your blog must be unique and helpful. You must not use any tools or plagiarized content.

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6) Pages required for Adsense

There are a few pages that you must add to your website before applying for Google Adsense.

  • Home
  • Terms and conditions
  • Privacy Policy
  • About
  • Contact
Remember that the data you put in these pages should also be written by yourself and unique.

7) Index your Posts in Google

When you write a new post, make sure that it is indexed in search engines. You can use webmaster tools for this purpose. If your articles are indexed in search engines, you will get organic traffic on your blog and it helps for Adsense approval.


I have told you all the major factors relevant to google Adsense requirements for*/ website or blogger, now make sure to implement these things on your blog so that your blog gets monetized from Adsense and you start making money online. The key things are the unique content and the age of your domain, so be patient and trust your skill to get better results.

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