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How to increase PA and DA of website

Every New Blogger has a question in their mind that How to increase PA and DA of website? Yes everyone who runs a website wants to see his or her website on the first page of search engines. There are many factors that push your website to the top position and one of them is to increase Page Authority and Domain Authority.

Understanding of Page Authority PA & Domain Authority DA

Domain authority is a score that defines your website potential, if the score is high; it means your website is very much able to rank on the first page of the search engines.

Page authority is a score by which you get the idea that the single page of your website can be ranked in top position if it has got a good score. 

How to increase PA and DA of website

I have described the most important factors that will give you an idea that how to increase PA and DA of  website. Read the points carefully listed below.

1)    High-Quality Content

When we talk about a website, its content should be unique so that a visitor must find his answer in the right way. You should not use black hat techniques to produce quick content. The best way to increase PA and DA of your website is that you should write the posts by yourself, don’t use any tool that rephrases or rewrite the content.

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2)    Keyword Placement

Now a day, keyword plays an important role to rank your post in the top position. You should take care of your keyword placements, if you don’t add your main keyword in the post title in a good way; your post will not rank at all. So, you must know the techniques to add your keyword in your post, it will give you more page views that help to increase PA and DA of website.

3)    Onpage Link Building

I think by reading this post, you must have got some idea that how to increase PA and DA of website? But it's not the end here, you should also do on-page link building. I mean when you write an article, you must include the older posts link that are relevant to your current post, it will help you to get more clicks on your old articles and this is very important to increase the Page authority and domain authority of your website.

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4) High-Quality Backlinks

High-quality backlinks are the major factor by which you can increase the PA and DA of the website. When a website that has a good Page authority and domain authority score gives you a backlink, it is very helpful for your website to rank on top. If you still ask the question that how to increase PA and DA of website, I will give you the answer that builds your high-quality backlinks.

5)    Post regularly

In order to increase PA and DA of your website, you must publish the articles on regular basis, it shows how good and informative yourwebsite is. When you post your website regularly, there are great chances to increase your page authority and domain authority quickly.


I will conclude my article by telling you the most important and accurate answer of How to increase PA and DA of website. The domain authority score increases when you write more and more articles on your website. Here you must keep in mind that you should not compromise on the quality of content. You should also wait for a few months to see the accurate results of your new website. The PA and DA will increase as your website gets old. 

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