Is WIX Good For SEO | If Not, Why?


is WIX good for SEO

There are many users who are running their websites on WIX, but they ask a very common question that is WIX good for SEO or not? You can be found on the WIX website to your relevant customers but when you ask for an SEO of the WIX website, it’s not that good.

Why WIX is not good for SEO?

You can add custom Meta Title and Description on your WIX website for on-page SEO as it gives you this facility but still, your website won’t appear in Organic search results.

The CMS of WIX is not as good as WordPress in terms of SEO. You may face some limits in the WIX website to do an on-page SEO for your website.

Is WIX good for SEO?

If you ask me to give an answer in Yes or No for Is WIX good for SEO? I will say No. I am not inspired by WIX in terms of SEO at all. You may find some people who claim to do the SEO for your WIX website but believe me, you will just lose your money and will get nothing in return.

WIX versus Other Website Builders

If you are running a small business then WIX can be good for you, you can do the SEO for your website on a Title base. But if are hoping that it will be at the top ranked website on Google, it will be very tough for you to achieve this goal.

WIX Is One Of The Most Popular Website Builders

WIX launched its services back in 2006. It was considered a very good platform for small business owners as they had a very good marketing budget. When someone searches on Google for a website builder or developer, The Ads from WIX appear in the top position on Google, so you may get easily random customers on your website.

Is WIX The Best?

You can argue that is WIX good for SEO? When you talk about Advertising and marketing, WIX is very good for this, especially for those who own a small business. But it’s not good in terms of Website Builders.

According to a report, WIX had $100 million dollars for their marketing plan, this is why their marketing campaigns are very good and they are the first choice for small business owners.

It’s very easy to make a website on WIX, you just have to perform a few steps and upload a logo for your brand, that’s it, and your website is ready.

There are many SEO tools that are used by WordPress, Magento, and other CMS-based websites, due to these plug-ins it's very hard for a WIX website to beat them in organic search.

Why Is WIX Bad?

The WIX-based website loads slower and the search engine prefers the pages which load faster, another issue with the WIX website is their URL structure, it is also not SEO friendly. You cannot add Custom Tags too on the WIX website.

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Is WIX Unprofessional?

If you are using the paid version of the WIX website, it will be called a professional website, but if you have a small business and limited budget and you are using a free version of the WIX website, then WIX will display an AD right on top of your website header, this will destroy your website value. I hope now you have the idea that is WIX good for SEO or not.

WIX versus WordPress and Shopify For SEO

I believe you should make a website on WordPress or Shopify CMS. You can beat the targeted keywords using these websites and rank your website at the top because these websites give you the facility to Add plugins on your website to do SEO.

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I hope you have got the right answer for Is WIX good for SEO after reading this article carefully. Now it’s all up to you to choose the right CMS for your website.

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