A Brief Guide on Blogger vs WordPress | Which One Is Better For SEO


Blogger vs WordPress which is better for SEO

Deeply entrenched in the blogging community, WordPress is one of the most popular open-sourced platforms available today. Offering user access to a bevy of themes and plugins, it's both easy to set up and quick to run with. One recent criticism of WordPress is that it takes a lot more memory than its relative newcomer, Blogger. Through this blog post, we will present an overview and comparison of Blogger vs WordPress which is better for SEO– showing why many bloggers choose one over the other.

Best things in Blogger

We love how simple Blogger is to get started. No installation, no upgrade worries and every feature that you need is free. You don’t even have to worry about a slow site, because Blogger hosts your site on Google servers, so you know it runs fast.

 Also, we love that Blogger lets you choose between being a pro or an individual blogger. We recommend Pro for those who want to make more money with their blog; by choosing the Pro-choice for monetization goals, you can display ads from Google Adsense and promote affiliate products from AdWords.

So, till now I hope you will have got some important points about Blogger vs WordPress which is better for SEO, but it's not over yet.

DrawBacks of Blogger

On the downside, the one downside to Blogger is that your blog might get suspended or deleted at any time if you aren’t careful or if Google suddenly decides to close down the service.

although it’s easy to install an existing blog on another server, ideally you should set it up there in the first place. Or use Squarespace instead.

Best things in WordPress

 WordPress.com is a blogging platform that has been growing in popularity. It uses the same software as WordPress blogs but is hosted at WordPress.com and you don't have to install WordPress on your own server, which can be challenging to do.

The social sharing options are very good and there are many default templates available. You can also use free plug-ins to add features or get creative with the design of your blog.

Drawbacks of WordPress

WordPress.com is the right tool for you if you are looking to grow an audience and make money blogging. You will have the ability to customize what your website looks like.

However, in order to create a truly beautiful website, you will have to use one of the premium themes that are available for WordPress.

 One problem with WordPress.com is that they can suspend your blog and all of your posts if they find you are violating their terms of service.

I guess I have covered all the important stuff about WordPress Vs Blogger which is best, if you haven't, tell me in the comment box.


Create a free website or easily build a business site. The free version of WordPress.com gives you everything you need to blog and share your ideas with the world—the only limit is your imagination.

 Start with a free domain and from there, you can build the exact site you have in mind. In addition to publishing your posts and pages, check out our custom design themes and widgets for extra functionality.

A paid WordPress.com plan gives you more features and options plus robust hosting. But you’re still on rented space. Do you want complete autonomy? Then choose WordPress.org.

 Yes, it’s a little harder to get started, but in the long run, you’ll appreciate the initial learning curve. The endless customization options mean you can create the perfect content management system.

A website with WordPress.org will generate almost 35% more monthly page views than a WordPress.com site. And you’ll have complete autonomy over your hosting, which means if you run an online business, you can sell without fear of being shut down by a third party.

Blogger is built for everyone. Whether you're a blogger, business owner, or just getting started with blogging, this simple solution offers the best way to create, publish and promote your blog. Plus it's fast and completely free.

I have tried my best to describe every prospect of WordPress Vs Blogger which is best, now it's up to you to select one of them according to your opinion.

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